Ever find any difficulty in highlighting code in your blog posts ? Then these Syntax Highlighter WordPress plugins will help you. Basically, any code (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc) can be displayed in WordPress blog posts, but these plugins helps to highlight that code by adding some color to it.

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Ultimate List of Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins

Most of these plugins works on the popular GeSHi (Generic Syntax Highlighter). If your blog covers articles on any tutorials, programming stuff, code snippets etc then it is recommended to use any of the plugins in the below list.

1. SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

It is the most popular Syntax highlighter WordPress plugin created by ViperBond. This plugin is based on SyntaxHighlighter JavaScript package by Alex Gorbatchev and wrapping the code between [language] – [/language] tags will do the job.


2. WP Code Highlight

WP Code Highlight is a W3C valid code highlighting plugin with numerable number of options. Some of them include “code button” in post editor, displaying line numbers etc. To highlight the code, just wrap it inside – tags and hit on publish button.


3. WP-Syntax

WP-Syntax is another most popular WordPress plugin used by many developers to display code and highlight code on their blog. It provides clean and perfect code output inside posts and pages on your WordPress blog. Wrapping the code between <pre> -</pre> helps to display the code.


4. FV Code Highlighter

FV Code Highlighter is now in Beta phase and it helps to highlight the code in Dreamweaver style. Fonts, colors etc things can be changed using the options inside the admin panel. Pretty cool plugin that supports PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript etc languages.


5. WP-GeSHi-Highlight

Unlike other syntax highlighter plugins, WP-GeSHi-Highlight got some unique features, it handles the code carefully and output the same, so that line numbers are never copied. Simply its a high performance plugin with pretty small HTML outputs.



6. Syntax Highlighter for WordPress

Another simple code highlighter plugin that works on JavaScript. It is very light and got multiple language support. You need to wrap the code between [language] – [/language] tags to highlight it. Almost all popular programming languages are supported.


7. WP-SynHighlight

Wp-SynHighlight is a WordPress syntax highlighter plugin that supports almost 100+ languages. It supports full GUI mode and highlights the syntax in real-time environment. Many other options are available to change the look and feel of the highlighter.


8. Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress

This plugin works on the Google Syntax Highlighter written by Alex Gorbatchev. It got support to numerous number f programming languages and code should be wrapped inside <pre> -</pre> tags.


9. Code Snippet

Code Snippet is powered by GeSHi engine and is used to highlight code inside posts of your WordPress blog. It got support to many programming languages and simply wrap the code inside [language] – [/language] tags.


10. Syntax Highlighter Compress

Another great plugin to do the job in a simplest way. Syntax Highlighter Compress is a powerful plugin to highlight the code instantly without long page loading times. It also got a button inside post editor that help to insert code inside your blog posts easily.



11. CodeColorer

CodeColorer is one of the best code highlighting plugins available which support multiple programming languages and runs on GeSHi. It also highlights the syntax in RSS feeds and comment section also. Wrap the code between [cc lang="lang"] – [/cc] tags.


12. Syntax Highlighter MT

Syntan Highlighter MT is a dynamic code highlighter plugin, that loads the desired set of brushes whenever needed. Simple and fantastic plugin that makes your blog page load faster. It also got support to multiple programming languages.


13. Auto SyntaxHighlighter

This plugin displays and highlights the code automatically without the need of any settings. Simple paste the code inside pop-up in your post editor and it will take care of remaining things.Even if this plugin is disabled, code will be displayed properly.


14. Code Markup

Code Markup got an engine that can automatically render the HTML tags and characters. It uses <code> – </code> tags to display and highlight the code in your blog posts. It is recommended to check this plugin.


15. Crayon Syntax Highlighter

Crayon Syntax Highlighter is our favorite syntax highlighting plugin for WordPress. It got all the features in Syntax Highlighter Evolved and takes very less time to highlight the code. Simple paste the code between <pre> -</pre> tags and this plugin will do rest of the job.


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Now, its time to choose your favorite code/syntax highlighter plugin from this ultimate list. If you want us to help you in doing so, please do drop a comment. Also subscribe to our feeds to get the latest updates from the WordPress community.